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Trust your Hairdresser at Credo Salon Spa | Hairdresser Stillwater MN

hairdresser_stillwater_mnIn the Twin Cities, the place to go to find a hairdresser you like is Credo Salon Spa in Stillwater, MN.

Not only is it important that you like your hairdresser, but you can trust her with your most precious asset: your hair. A hairdresser is responsible for making you look your best!

At Credo, there are three beautiful hairdressers you should know: Jessica, Diana and Janelle.
Jessica trained at The Aveda Institute. As a lifelong learner, she’s always keeping up on the latest cuts and styles. A hair color expert, Jessica is also known for giving ladies movie star quality updos.

Diana came to be a hairdresser Stillwater MN, by way of East Coast training. Do you want a complete makeover? Are you ready for a new look? Diana is great at helping you figure out what direction to take your hairstyle so it will bring a smile to your face when you see “the new you” in the mirror.

Janelle, meanwhile, has more than dozen years of experience as a stylist, and her expertise lies in knowing which product is right for your hair. If there’s information to know about hair and hair care products, as well as what’s trendy, Janelle is your go-to hairdresser. She’s also a color and cutting specialist.

Looking for a hairdresser Stillwater MN? Credo Salon Spa is THE place in the Twin Cities’ region for haircuts, updos and more!

Brazilian Waxing Stillwater

Hair removal is an issue with which both men and women struggle, particularly when it comes to wanting to remove the most hair possible from the pubic area. Brazilian waxing achieves the goal of complete pubic hair removal, and the results are cleaner and last longer than shaving because the hair is lifted out at the root.

When scheduling a Brazilian waxing, pain may be the primary concern. While most people experience some pain during the course of a waxing session, there are ways to minimize discomfort. Taking two ibuprofen pills 30 minutes to an hour before going to a waxing appointment can greatly minimize pain. This is especially recommended for people who have never had a Brazilian wax. Applying a topical numbing agent can also desensitize the area. During the appointment, relaxing and exhaling as the hair is removed can help with further pain management. It is important to remember that the pain is temporary and will subside noticeably with subsequent waxing sessions.

Irritation is another concern when it comes to hair removal. Although waxing removes hair cleanly, some clients may experience irritation within a day or two of having their appointment. Applying post-waxing ointments or Vitamin E oil or cream can soothe the skin before irritation can occur. Swimming and soaking in hot tubs should be avoided for 24 hours following a Brazilian wax.

After the first Brazilian waxing session, hair should grow back finer. Clients typically find that they should avoid shaving in between waxes and return for appointments at three to six week intervals. People who wax regularly generally find that they wait to go longer and longer before needing to have regrowth removed

Life Well Lived at Salons in Stillwater MN

Everyone deserves special treatment from time to time. There is no better way to secure a treat for yourself and escape from the pressures of daily living than to schedule a visit to a Stillwater Salon. Behind the doors of these retreats is an environment of relaxation and luxury that will allow you to melt into yourself. There are a huge number of treatments available in the top salons that will make you feel revived and bring you back into yourself once more.

Find balance and harmony in your life by coming in for any number of beauty or spa treatments. Choose from various spa packages that will allow you to have the VIP treatment. Such packages include facials, manicures, pedicures, and a haircut. Packages are geared towards both men and women as well. You can also expand the possibilities in any relationship by scheduling couples treatments. There are also multiple packages designed around the most special events in life. Bridal events and other once in a lifetime occasions can be met with a new and extraordinary you that are possible through elegant spa treatments of all kinds.

The Salons in Stillwater MN offer a unique approach of embracing each person’s individuality as they move forward with your regular treatments. The rejuvenating potential of each treatment will allow you to be creative and explore yourself completely. People find that they develop long-lasting relationships with the people delivering these services that allow them to discover a new sense of health that they have never before known. Once you have discovered the potential that comes with a new haircut and various nail treatments, reinvigorate yourself from a deep place by taking advantage of relaxing facial services that include rejuvenation masks and skin treatments. These services encourage a youthful glow and protect your skin on a daily basis.

The complete menu of services that draw people into the Salons in Stillwater will nurture every part of your being. The beauty that is at your fingertips goes more than skin deep. Enrich your life in ways that you may have never experienced by trying out one of the many invigorating services that both relax and inspire people of all ages.

Eyelash Extensions Woodbury

Credo Salon offers eyelash extensions in Woodbury. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, individual lash extensions. Everyone wants longer lashes. Long lashes make your eyes look larger and bring out the color of your eyes. Most of us use mascara daily, but it‘s a hassle and leaves smudge and clumps, and no matter how waterproof it claims to be, it always leaves dark circles under your eyes that accumulate every time you blink. False lashes are difficult to apply and usually wind up looking fake. Lash extensions applied by a professional are the most realistic-looking and beautiful lashes you can get.

Eyelash-Extensions-WoodburyThe Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

If you’re looking for eyelash extensions in Woodbury MN, Credo salon can help. It only takes 90 minutes for a full set of lashes to be applied; refills take about an hour. Eyelash extensions should last about two months, depending on the natural growth and shedding process of your lashes.

In addition to eyelash extensions Woodbury residents can count on Credo for other salon services as well. Credo offers complete hair, nail, skin, waxing and makeup services. We use products by top beauty companies including Schwarzkopf, Moroccan Oil, SkinCeuticals, Pevonia, Jane Iredale, CND, OPI and label.m.

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Pedicures Salon Spa Stillwater

Salon-Stillwater-MNAre your feet tired? Do you need a little boost of color in your life? If you answered yes, then check out Credo Salon Stillwater. We offer several different pedicures to meet your budget and lifestyle needs. Our regular pedicure includes shaping and buffing the nails along with a refreshing salt scrub. Our shellac pedicure uses the popular nail shellac that lasts for at least two weeks. Our spa pedicure adds an Earth Moisture Masque or Marine Cooling Masque.

Credo Salon Pedicure Benefits

If you’ve never had a pedicure, then you may not be aware of the many benefits. A regular pedicure schedule does more than just make your nails look pretty. During your pedicure, our aesthetician will smooth away calluses with a foot file and pumice stone. If you have dry, cracked skin around your heels from wearing sandals all summer, we’ll use moisturizers to soften that tough skin.

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