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Easy Hairstyles for Summer

sea salt

It’s August in Minnesota and most of us try to take advantage of the river, lakes, or local pools to stay cool and enjoy the seasonal sunshine. But what to do about the hair? Since all of this time in the sun requires a little more attention, we’ll recommend a few options to keep it light and easy. We’ve put some thought into some cool easy hairstyles and trends to keep it all together with products you can get locally here at our salon in Stillwater MN.

Taking a few minutes to prepare in advance will keep your hair from getting damaged from the sun, chlorine or even salt if you are traveling. We’ll start with light styling and summer specific products.

First on the list is Salt Spray. If you are thinking about wearing a casual beach wave, the perfect thing to keep it natural and in place is salt spray. Simply: Apply salt spray to damp hair to create large, naturally looking waves. Apply salt spray a second time to add volume. On warmer days you can repeat the process.

For our blonde friends, try lightening spray. This is a great way to make your hair look much lighter without dyes and hair color.  All you do is spray on damp hair and comb through. Depending on the look and weather, you may wish to repeat a few times a week.

Hair Oil- I am always surprised to hear how many women don’t take advantage of this especially in the summer. It prevents and treats sun damage and keeps hair from drying out. Simply use 3-4 drops for thick hair and only a few drops for dry hair. Apply to ends before shampooing and leave for a few minutes. Rinse and shampoo. You can also use it as a finishing touch. Place a little in your hand, rub it around and then apply. It will definitely help to keep hair from drying out.

Try and remember to rinse out all the chlorine and salt from your hair after a day at the pool. Feel free to come visit us at Credo hair salon in Stillwater MN. and learn from our experienced crew of professionals. We’re here to make you look and feel great every season.

Beauty Salons Stillwater MN

beauty_salons_stillwater_mnWhen it comes to beauty salons Stillwater MN, there’s only one you need to know: Credo.

Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls can get the best haircuts at Credo. Indeed, anyone living in the Twin Cities area should try Credo Salon Spa at least once in their lifetime, to discover what they’ve been missing all these years.

Owners Yulia and Nate Wentler called their salon “Credo,” which means “I Believe,” because they wanted to create a place guided by certain key beliefs.

To that end, Credo Salon Spa values creativity, individuality and compassion. The owners will tell you, “We believe perfection is a result of creativity, that every person has unique beauty, and listening to a person’s thoughts, needs and desires is vitally important.”

There are many beauty salons Stillwater MN, but Credo stands out among them. The positive vibes people feel when they enter the beautiful, well-designed building are accentuated by the kindness of the caring staff. Indeed, time at Credo is a memorable experience. It’s not “just a haircut.”

Credo is a beauty salons Stillwater MN, but it’s actually much more: it’s a place where you belong, where you feel good, and where you’re treated like the unique, special person you truly are. Come feel good at Credo, where you’ll be made to look great for the days and weeks ahead!