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The Top Choice for Hair Products in Stillwater

If you’re looking for the best place to buy hair products in Stillwater, the only choice is Credo Salon and Spa. What you use on your hair at home has just as much of an impact on your hair’s health and vitality as what your stylist uses. To ensure that your hair stays healthy and shiny, here are some of our top hair product tips.

Only Use Professional Products – At the Credo Salon and Spa, we pride ourselves on using only professional lines. Our favorite brands are Schwarzkoph and Moroccan Oil. Both are considered to be the gold standard in our industry and both will preserve the health and vitality of your hair.

Take Your Stylist’s Advice – Sure, you might find some great recommendations from your friends or in fashion magazines. Ultimately, however, no one knows your hair better than your stylist. Take his or her recommendations to heart and follow the hair care regimen that they suggest.

Remember: Product Can Only Do So Much – At Credo, we definitely stand by the products that we sell in our salon. However, it’s important that clients remember that at the end of the day, product can only do so much. Many brands, drugstore lines especially, promote products that purportedly mend split ends. The sad truth is that nothing repairs split ends besides a regular visit to your stylist. This is why it’s best to use the products suggested by your stylist and avoid falling for marketing tricks.

For hair products in Stillwater, the best choice is definitely Credo Salon and Spa. Our talented team of stylists is ready to guide you towards the right products for you and the best home regimen for the care and keeping of your gorgeous hair.

Perfect Your Look with the Waxing Services Stillwater Locals Are Raving About

DepilationWaxing is one of the fastest and most hassle-free hair removal processes available. Where shaving can leave bumps, follicle infections and dark spots, wax removal services leave only smooth, attractive skin. Whether you have unwanted hair on your face, back, chest or in the bikini zone, this is the perfect way to eliminate it and to reduce regrowth.

Finding a Lasting Solution

There are many options available for waxing Stillwater residents. For instance, people can receive treatments that help to reshape and sculpt their eyebrows. The eyebrows are highly defining features on the face and when they are not properly cared for; a person’s entire appearance can suffer. With skilled professionals taming these unruly growths, women and men can draw more attention to their eyes and other facial features. People can see how attractive you truly are with diligent hair removal efforts and maintenance. Moreover, the hair in this area will be much finer and easier to address after each Stillwater waxing treatment.

Show off Your Legs

Not only is shaving a troublesome way to remove body hair, but it can also result in a rapid regrowth of dark, unattractive stubble. More importantly, many are not as thorough as they should be, especially when addressing the backs of the calves and thighs. Full leg waxing services in Stillwater can leave your legs looking silky, supple and youthful. There is no need to worry about nicks, cuts and razor burns.

This is also true for the bikini zone. Women and men struggle to find ways to eliminate unwanted hair from this area without developing rashes and razor burns. Shaving can result in painful and unattractive bumps and won’t create the smooth, hair-free surface that people really want. With a full-on Brazilian bikini wax, you can hit the beaches in your smallest suit and look amazing. When done right, waxing is virtually pain-free. This is the best reason to avoid the agony and mess of in-home waxing kits. By putting professionals on the job, you can get a fast, painless wax with perfect results.